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Electric Power Industry

Electric Technology Research Institute established(1951)

Economic research department added,name changed to "Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry"(1952)

Electric & mechanical agricultural technologies invented

Agricultural Electricity Laboratory(currentry, a part of the Environmental Science Research Laboratory) established(1957)


Nine electric power companies established(1951)

Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. established(1952)

Federation of Electric Power Companies established(1952)

Switch from hydro to thermal power generation,from coal-based to heavy-oil thermal

Rationalized designs of arched & gravity dams --------------------------

Crude oil thermal power generation put to practical use

Development of the CRIEPI economic forecast model

Testing ground for power distribution systems and test farm(currently,the Akagi Testing Center)established(1968)


Kansai Electric Power Co.,inc.completes Kurobe No.4 hydroelectric power station(1963)

First Commercial nuclear power plant in Japan(1966)

Development of the prediction method for warm-water diffusion at thermal and nuclear power plants

Demonstration of the Ultra-High Voltage transmission line --------------

Ultra-High Voltage Research Laboratory(currently, the High Power Testing Laboratory) established to take over projects by the Ultra-High Voltage Research Institute(1977)


Oil crisis(1973,1979)

Extrication from dependence on oil, and the promotion of energy efficiency

Three Mile Island reactor accident(1979)

Demonstration of reliability of spent fuel transportation casks

Nuclear Information Center established (1983)
(Operation transferred to the Japan Nuclear Technology Institute in 2005)

Development of the integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power generation

Human Factors Research Center (currentry, a part of NRRC and the Nuclear Technology Research Laboratory) established (1987)


Increase of nuclear power generation

Chernobyl reactor accident (1986)

Development of the comprehensive stability analysis system for large-scale power systems

Information Communication Research Center(currently, a part of ENIC) established (1992)

Development of the acid rain observation & analysis methods ------------

Trilemma Symposium held (1993-2000)

Development of the electric utilities management model


Global warming surfaces

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development(1992)

Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (1995)

Liberalization of the electric power industry

JCO criticality accident (1999)

Low Dose Radiation Research Center(currently, the Radiation Safety Research Center) established (2000)

Development of the CO2 heat pump water heater (Eco-Cute) ------------

Established lightning protection design guides for electric power systems

Eight specialized research laboratories established (2004)

Development of simplified, high-sensitivity bio-sensing technology to detect trace chemicals

Development of technology to store recycled nuclear fuel

Development of methods to predict the neutron irradiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel steel

Development of technologies for the crystal growth of high-quality SiC epitaxial layers


Liberalization of electricity retailing commences (2000)

Major blackout across North America (2003)

Kyoto Protocol entry into force (2004)

Japan Electric Power Exchange opened (2005)

Advancement of safety of light water reactors

Ensuring reliability of existing thermal power plants

System resilience with high integration of renewable energy sources

Nuclear Risk Research Center(NRRC) established (2014)

Energy Innovation Center(ENIC) established (2016)


Great East Japan Earthquake/F1NPS*1 Accident (2011)

The promotion of the electricity system reform

OCCTO*2 established(2015)

Full retail liberalization of electricity started(2016)

CRIEPI activities Epoch-defining research findings
*1 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
*2 Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, Japan

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