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Annual Research Reports

Annual Research Report 2006 Contents

Ⅰ Principal Research Results

Promotive Subjects

A. Cost Reduction and Ensuring Reliability

[Diagnosis and life evaluation of power delivery apparatus]

[Maintenance and management of light water reactors]

[Non-destructive methods for assessing power generation components and steel structures]

[Maintenance technology of electric facilities based on risk management approach]

B. Creation of Integrated Energy Service

[Comprehensive evaluation for diffusion effects of distributed power generation]

[Development of SiC power diodes]

[Design of demand area network]

C. Harmonization of Energy and Environment

[Development of prediction method and countermeasure against global warming]

[Clarification of trace elements behavior and their risks]

[Development of metallic fuel and pyro-process fuel cycle]

[Assessment of biological effects of low-level radiation]

[Development of technology for radioactive waste disposal]

[Effective utilization of biomass energy]

Base Research Subjects

1. Socio-economy

[Support for management strategies]

[Clarification of socioeconomic trends]

2. Environment

[Measures to regional environmental problems]

[Coexistence with the envionment]

3. Energy Services for Customer

[Energy conservation and comfortable environment design]

4. Power Delivery

[Effective Use of Transmission Networks with Ensuring Reliability]

[Cost reduction and ensuring reliability of power delivering]

[Harmonization of power delivery apparatus systems and society]

[Development of new technology of transmission facilities]

5. Nuclear

[Improvement of economics and reliability of LWR power generation]

[Nuclear fuel cycle]

6. Fossil Fuel Power Generation

[Diversification and clean utilization of fossil fuels]

[Improving the efficiency of thermal power generation]

[Establishment of advanced pulverized coal combustion technology]

7. New Energy

[Utilization of natural and unutilized energy]

8. Information and Communication

[Utilization of Information Technology]

9. Construction and Preservation of Electric Facilities

[Measures against natural disasters]

10. Advanced Basic Technologies


[Material science]

[Laser and plasma science]

Ⅱ Research Activities in Fiscal 2005

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